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Many of our members also belong to other related non-profit organizations.

We think you may find them of interest. All of these places have permanent collections of doorknobs and related hardware on display.


City Museum - St. Louis, Missouri

We know--traditional museums can be so stodgy. That's why we're constantly revamping City Museum's museum-in-a-museum. Keep stopping in to check out curator Bruce Gerrie's ever-expanding collection of architectural relics and the new permanent exhibit, "Elmslie and Sullivan", featuring original pieces by two of the most important American architects.




Architectural Heritage Center – Portland, Oregon

A non-profit resource center and showcase for historic preservation. We offer a wide range of educational programs and exhibits to help people appreciate, restore, and maintain vintage properties.




Lock Museum of America - Terryville, Connecticut

Contains eight display rooms containing the largest collection of locks, keys and antique door hardware in the US. Located in the Terryville section of Plymouth in Connecticut. For hours and more information, visit
The Lock Museum also now hosts a new interactive game, called "The Lock Museum Adventure" where players decipher puzzles and riddles to open locks and safes to solve a mystery. The clues are based on the displays in the museum, including our collection of antique doorknobs!




The New Britain Industrial Museum – New Britain, CT

At the New Britain Industrial Museum you will discover the vast array of items pioneered and produced in New Britain by generations of innovative and inventive people drawn to work in what came to be known as the Hardware Capital of the World. From hooks and eyes produced by hand in the early 1800’s to Fafnir bearings produced in clean rooms for the Space Program to items currently manufactured in New Britain, the museum’s collection celebrates the city’s contribution to manufacturing world-wide.
Because there is inspiration for the future and an appreciation for the past to be gleaned from the accomplishments of those who came before us our mission is to use the collection as a way to inspire the next generation and increase pride in the community. This is done by exhibiting items manufactured in New Britain, sharing the histories of the factories where these items were manufactured and telling the stories of the people who made it all happen.
Visit us at 59 West Main Street, New Britain CT. Hours and contact information at



The Jehning Family Lock Museum

175 Castro Street
Mountain View, CA 94041

The Jehning Family Lock Museum opened on September 10, 2005. Today you can visit one of Northern California's largest collections of locks and keys. With nearly 1,000 locks and 5,000 keys from around the world, plus more than 20 safes and hundreds of key rings, the collection continues to grow and change.

Each time you visit the Museum, you might explore a completely different exhibit, from historic local locks and keys, to ancient treasures from near and far, and everything in between. And you'll discover the fascinating and often surprising roles that locks and keys have played in history, story, theater, and daily life. Also visit our gift shop.
Admission is free. For hours and contact information visit