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Below are publications and other items that are currently available from The Antique Doorknob Collectors of America. Most titles are now available as digital PDF files only (printed copies of those titles are no longer available).

When purchasing a digital copy of a book, a "Complete Purchase" button will become available. After clicking that button, your book will begin downloading to the device (laptop, computer, tablet or smart phone) that you are using to make this purchase. If you do not want to accept delivery of your book at that time, simply close your browser after clicking the "Complete Purchase" button. You will receive two emails that will contain direct links to the digital book you purchased. You may then download your book to the device of your choice whenever you choose to do so. The links to your book will remain viable for 10 days. (Digital books will not be shipped to you.)

Payment may be made by PayPal, credit card, or debit card (a PayPal account is not necessary in order to purchase books).

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Digital books may only be ordered and purchased online.

At the bottom of the page are other books of interest (not available through ADCA – order separately).
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      Available Publications and Other Items

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Antique Builders’ Hardware, Knobs & Accessories
By Maud L. Eastwood  1982

224 pages

$19.50 USD (digital copy only)
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This first comprehensive work defines door hardware of Colonial and Victorian America. The research material was compiled using a multi-company approach. Anticipated interest by users and collectors dictated that content also cover selected pre-knob devices and locks, plate and boxed. There is an illustrated glossary of over sixty distinct pieces and 145 pages of hardware (largely knobs and plates, identified by year and design name) representing twenty companies. The book includes four pages of color plates. Other features include special emblematic hardware, a collectors’ section and an index.

Note: printed copies of this book are no longer available. After completing your online purchase, you will receive an email with a link that will allow you to download your book to your computer.


Antique Builders’ Hardware, Knobs & Accessories
Supplement No. 1, Revised 1992

By Maud L. Eastwood

36 pages

$6.50 USD (digital copy only)
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A highly illustrated booklet featuring a potpourri of door hardware examples designed to appeal to collectors and to provide a tool for users.  Included are hundreds of knob designs as diverse as 1876 representational, Special Design Corbin (not found in catalogues), Art Nouveau, odd shapes, pull knobs, emblematic knobs for hotels, societies, schools, and governmental offices, as well as a section of 1894-1910 Sargent & Company hardware

Note: printed copies of this book are not available. After completing your purchase, you will receive an email with a link that will allow you to download your book to your computer.


The Antique Doorknob

By Maud L. Eastwood

206 pages

$20.00 USD (digital copy only)
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Maud Eastwood's first book and a foundational book for doorknob collecting, "The Antique Doorknob" contains much useful information and explanations about doorknobs. The book is filled with illustrations of knobs and patents, as well as reproductions of pages from various hardware catalogs. Although much new information has been unearthed and new hardware discovered since the book was published in 1976, "The Antique Doorknob" remains a wonderful introduction to doorknobs.

Note: printed copies of this book are not available. After completing your purchase, you will receive an email with a link that will allow you to download your book to your computer.


150 Years of Builders’ Hardware: Forms, Use & Lore
By Maud L. Eastwood

118 pages

USD (digital copy only)
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This work is a comprehensive study of latches, locks, strikes, keys, and their relationship, use, and application to doors of all types (passage and entry). The book includes an addendum of interesting hardware lore, an extensive glossary and bibliography, plus an index.

Note: printed copies of this book are not available. After completing your purchase, you will receive an email with a link that will allow you to download your book to your computer.



Victorian Decorative Art - A Photographic Study of Ornamental Design in Antique Doorknobs
By Leonard Blumin

Now updated and published as a website by Antique Doorknob Collectors of America

Now available free of charge to the general public. Visit the VDA website at:

The price is free due to the support of our members and donors. Please consider joining the ADCA using the Membership menu on this page. To make a donation, visit the Support This Site page on the VDA website using the link at left.

A fabulous collection of photos assembled in an organized manner and then classified with an alphanumeric system that has become the universal identification system.  The new website includes more than 2,200 color doorknob photos, and is updated monthly with additional doorknob listings, plus historical information and alternate views of many doorknobs.



Archival Material: Digital copies of hardware catalogs in our archives are available for purchase on the Antique Catalog Orders page.


Other Books of Interest

(Not available through ADCA – order separately)

Decorative Hardware
By Liz Gordon and Terri Hartman 2000

202 pages
Signed Copy

$35.00 Includes S&H
Los Angeles residents add
8 1/4% sales tax

A beautifully photographed look at the creative possibilities of decorating with antique and contemporary American hardware including doorknobs, drawer pulls, locks, hinges and more.  A resource guide to dealers is included.  Order from Liz’s Antique Hardware, 453 S. La Brea, Los Angeles, CA 90036


Antique Hardware Price Guide
By H. Weber Wilson 1999

230 pages
Soft cover

$12.50 (postage included)
Order from

Obviously prices have changed since it publication, but its approximate ranking of values have not.  A comprehensive collector’s price and identification guide to vintage doorknobs, door bells, mail slots, hinges, door pulls, shutter hardware and locksets.  A very useful survey of the vast variety of antique hardware 1840-1910 or so.